How does this work?

Our family has been packaging CMA Music Festival (originally FanFair) since it’s start in 1972 and we try and keep things simple.  If you are new to using our company for CMA Fest, or completely new to CMA Music Festival, below you will find our suggestions for getting the best package to fit your needs. 

General CMA Info for thought

  • CMA Music Festival starts on Thursday (10 days after the last Monday in May, US Memorial Day) at 10am, for 2022, that date is June 9, and runs through Sunday night at approximately 11pm
  • The Fest is four FULL days.  Activities that are included in the four day pass start by 10am each morning and last through 11pm each night, Thursday through Sunday
  • There are multiple stages downtown that operate during the daytime.  These are general admission seating, subject to capacity levels at peak times
  • The only reserved seat for the Festival is for the nightly concerts at Nissan Stadium
  • The inclusions in the 4-Day CMA Fest pass are subject to change by the Country Music Association


Choose where you want to stay

When you consider where you want to stay for CMA Fest, there are several things to consider.  CMA Fest is based around several venues but all of them are located in the downtown area of Nashville.  The venues are spread out from the Cumberland River to the Music City Center which houses Fan Fair X during the day, then you go across the river to Nissan Stadium for the featured nightly concerts with the top names in country music.  Because of this, downtown hotel properties, especially those in the “SoBro” (South of Broadway) area of Nashville are considered the most desirable.  They are more expensive but the convenience, especially in the heat of Summer in the South, is hard to beat.  We do feature hotel options in the Opryland area located about 12 miles from downtown (20 minutes or more depending on traffic).  These offer a more affordable option and from these properties there is an available shuttle to downtown.

If you are driving in to town, please note that there is a charge for parking at all hotels except The Inn at Opryland and the Hyatt Place at Opryland.  All other hotels charge for parking and the cost is usually between $40-$50 a day.  That is a charge you pay directly to the hotel.

Once you choose which of these options are best for you, narrow your choices by what properties have to offer in room amenities or property features.


Choose when you want to arrive

CMA Fest starts Thursday morning and runs through Sunday evening.  All of our packages are a minimum four nights and must include Thursday through Sunday. 

50 percent or more of our customers will arrive on Wednesday or earlier.  Thursday-Sunday are so packed with activities included in your 4 Day Pass, that many choose to come earlier so they can get the lay of the land and be ready to go first thing Thursday morning as lines start early for Riverfront stage and Fan Fair X.  Stars start having fan club parties as early as Monday, the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night is usually one of the best line ups of the year, and Wednesday is the traditional date for the CMT Awards show and there are lots of activities and stars downtown.  We even have a few customers that like to stay over an extra day on the back end for a little r & r.


Choose where you want to sit

Where you want to sit for the reserved seat nightly concerts at Nissan Stadium is as personal a choice as any in this process, and there are several things to consider.  First let me say, this is an NFL football stadium.  It is huge for a concert, but the stage is very big, set about the normal 15 yard line on the North end of the field, and it has a HUGE screen on each side of the stage.  For the most part, no matter where you sit, you will spend most of the evening enjoying the great music, swaying along with your friends, and watching the big screens on either side of the stage.  During the festival they are filming a TV special, so there are a lot of great camera shots on those screens.

Seating choices and pro’s and cons

(Lower Level seating or Club Level seating are included in our package prices)
Seating chart

GOLD CIRCLE – The first 12 sections on the football field in front of the stage.  These seats cost a little more and we do not have many as they are the best seats for the Fest.  These will sell out for us in the first week of sales.  If you like to stand up during the performances, sing and sway, these are a great option.  A little livelier crowd than most other areas in the stadium, a longer walk to refreshments or the bathrooms as well.

FLOOR LEVEL – The remaining sections on the field are called the Floor Level and they are just as fun and have the same amenities and issues as the Gold Circle seating, just a little further back.  There is also a wheelchair ramp on the Floor Level offering great views.

Keep in mind both Gold Circle and Floor Level seating are in folding chairs on a flat football field.  If a 6’5′ person stands in front of you, seeing the stage can be a problem, but typically you can still see the screens. Also of note in Gold and Floor sections is the lower your seat number, the closer you are to the center of the field in that section.

LOWER LEVEL – Our standard level of pricing includes Lower Level seating.  These are chair backed stadium seats, with each row being elevated slightly above the row in front of it.  Rows start at A and go back to usually HH with no “i” or “o”.    Lower Level sections are 111-136, have relatively easy access to bathrooms and concessions.  In these sections, most will stand for performances, some won’t.

CLUB LEVEL – The Club Level is like a balcony above and behind the Lower Level.  You are higher up in the stadium, typically a little more shall we say settled crowd, but a great place to take in the music and the whole atmosphere of the concerts.  The Club Level also has access to air conditioned vestibule with concessions and restrooms.  Again, these are sections 211-236, and start with row A and go up from there.

UPPER LEVEL – We do not offer any seating in the 300 level.

Notes for Lower, Club, and Upper Level seating – As you look at the stadium from the stage, seat one will be to the left of the section and the higher numbers (not all rows have the same number of seats) will be to the right.  Aisle seats go faster than middle row seats, but I have sat in both and if you don’t go to the bathroom or concession stand often, I recommend the middle of the rows, otherwise you are getting up and down to let people in and out all the time.


Options to consider for your package

For all guests to consider – 

Grand Ole Opry – Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 7pm – $100 per person – The Grand Ole Opry is celebrating it’s 96th consecutive year of live radio shows on WSM radio (and now on XM/Sirius).  It is the show that made country music famous and popular, and the show on Tuesday of CMA Music Fest week is usually a star studded line up.  We order our tickets for this show a year in advance and will have very good seats.  If you are in town, we highly recommend this option for your package.

Opry Country Classics – Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 3pm – $100 per person – This show is a version of the Grand Ole Opry celebrating the best country music through the decades and it is located in the “mother church” of country music, the Ryman Auditorium.  Again, we purchased our seats more than a year in advance, so you are assured to have good seats for this afternoon show

For Opryland Area Guests – 

Gaylord Transportation 5 Day Shuttle Pass – $100 per person – The Opryland area hotels are 12 miles from downtown where CMA Fest is based.  We believe the smartest option for traveling back and forth is this shuttle pass.  They run continuously from Gaylord Opryland Hotel and The Inn at Opryland to downtown Wednesday through Sunday and the cost is just $100 per person.  For less than the cost of two cab rides back and forth to downtown, this shuttle will take care of getting you back and forth without you having to worry about traffic, directions, or whether or not you can enjoy another adult beverage.

Nissan Stadium 4 Day parking pass – $100 – Parking downtown can be expensive and for those that like the freedom of driving, this is a great option, and allows daytime in and outs.  After about 4pm in the afternoon, they punch the pass preventing re-entry.  Note there is no overnight parking or tailgating.


Make your reservation to join in on the fun!

Now you have the information you need to make the best choices, so what do you do now?  Make your reservation.  We think our process is very simple.  To reserve your package you should complete the BOOKING FORM linked below as completely as possible.  In that process you will need to make a non refundable minimum deposit at the time of booking.  For Gold Circle Seating, the deposit amount is $500 per person, for all other seating it is $300 per person.  We will book your package with our best available seats based on your request and send you a package confirmation by email within 2 business days.  If you are not happy with the package for any reason, you may cancel it within 48 hours of receiving your initial confirmation and receive a full refund.  Final payment for all packages is due prior to 2/25/22. After that date, everything is non-refundable.  In early May, we will send you a “Final Confirmation” which will have your hotel specific confirmation number and details about your credential pick up at your hotel.  Then all you have to do is get yourself to Nashville and prepare for the time of your life!